We provide on demand Studios, crew with kit, event coverage and other production services to local and national broadcasters, production companies & individuals

LOKVIRSA TV  is setting up our own studio. Our TV Studio will be used for a wide range of setups including multi-camera broadcast, green screen work, ‘down the line’, panel shows, interviews, commercials, film sets and audience based talk shows. Our air-conditioned studios have saturated lighting grids and can be provided with green screen, one of our own standard sets or a custom built set. We have HD connectivity to dedicated fibre optic internet.

High Definition Television/Film Studios

We can help for setting up multiple / multipurpose studios including portable and on locations .

 Our services are equipped with,
  • Studio/Broadcast quality 2K & 4K camera setup Studio/Broadcast quality 2K & 4K camera setup
  • Skilled and fully trained camera crew
  • Complete lighting & sound facilities
  • Ability to live broadcast to any satellite or online TV Channel Anywhere in the world
  • Green screen Chroma facility with 2D & 3D virtual sets for Anchor based panel discussion shows, inter-views etc.
  • Customised, set-building facility to suit the requirements of your show/commercial or recording


Broadcast from own Location

Our mobile studio solutions are suitable for those who wants to start broadcasting from home and from their own locations, our studio can come fully equipped and crewed We also provide edit facilities and web streaming services. All our equipment is multi-format so can work in pretty much any variant of SD or HD – we don’t ‘up-convert’ – we are HD. We often take last minute bookings to facilitate breaking news events and we can operate 24 hours

If you’re a music creator or a recording artist our mobile studio solutions will assist you to create a controlled auditory atmosphere that allows you to work from home devoid of compromising the eminence of your productivity our mobile studio solutions are appropriate for those who wish for to establish broadcasting from home and there possess locations. Being a handy solution, you can move and reconfigure the mobile walls as you satisfy. The panels can also be simply mounted to a wall at any time you require them.

At LOKVIRSA Studios, we are motivated by passion. Passion for acoustics, passion for presentation, and our everlasting passion is to offer an astonishing customer experience.

With a brilliant squad, we work hard to drive the precincts of acoustic engineering to generate a unique compilation of trendsetting and Recreate your studio at home. The studio can come up with a completely operational and exceptional lineup. We also provide edit amenities and web streaming services. All our apparatus is multi-format so we can work in pretty much at all variant of SD or HD – we don’t ‘up-convert’ – we are HD. We frequently take last minute bookings to make possible breaking news, events, and we can operate 24 hours. We adore what we perform and look ahead to working with you!

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